Village Safari

To experience the ruler area of Jawai rajasthan, explore the ruler charm of shepherd life RABARI/RAIKA.

we will take you to their residence in the nearby small villages and you will get to see their traditional living style.

Rabri’s are distinguished by their magnificent scarlet turbans and ladies beautifully decked up with their colourful embroidery dress, their striking jewellery make them most photographs minorities.

Rabari continue to wear their traditional garments and carry forward rich culture in this modern era.

Being a nomadic community every efforts made by these people to maintain their community tradition like their home decorations, ladies conducting their business affairs and managing their villages affairs while men are in charge of animals herds that form the only true Rabri assets

There is one more indigenous tribe called GARASIA, they have also their unique living life style. What’s make them different from other tribe is their interesting custom of marriages and their modern thinking. It is the only community in Rajasthan where living relationship among them is tradition.

These local attraction reflect the colourful rich culture of Jawai Rajasthan.