Leopard Safari


Leopard safari is prime attraction of Jawai and Bera. We have some of our sorted safari points for sighting leopards and team of trackers are always updated with leopards movement in Jawai area as a result the chances of sighting leopards are high at Aravali nature Camp.

During leopard safari you will also enjoy the breathtaking and rousing offroading safari ride in 4X4 Gypsy. Therefore this ride is adventures and unbeatable in this Leopard country, JAWAI.

The Hills of Jawai and Bera are shaped by lava millions of year ago and among those hills some has huge natural caves and rock shelter because of which leopards found best and safest home to sustain in this Jawai area.

Some Hills has small temples which are built on top of the rock where these leopards are seen as guardians of temples.

In Jawai, the leopards cohabit with the villagers and other animals, the Jawai leopard are living harmoniously in the midst of people.

The leopard is most elusive cat in all big cats and this place is frequently giving best sightings around the world.

We operate Leopard Safari twice a day like, first safari in Morning and second in the evening .

Safari Sharing Basis Private Jeep April to Oct  Timings Nov to March Timing
Morning Leopard Safari 1000.00 per person per safari 4500.00 per Safari 5:00 AM to 08:00AM 6:00 AM to 09:00AM
Evening Leopard Safari 1000.00 per person per safari 4500.00 Per Safari 4:30 PM to 07:30 PM 4:00PM to 07:00PM