Bird Watching

Jawai Dam is the biggest reservoir in western Rajasthan and this reservoir is idyll for migratory birds in winter season.

Jawai Dam area is renowned for Greater flamingos, more then 100 spices are found in this jawai reservoir and 50 of them being migratory which found specially during winters (October to April).

Jawai Dam is wonderful for birding, its topography and crystal clear water attract almost all migrated Siberian birds. This gives a very pleasant and mesmerizing scenery which will leave you breathless.

The birds we can sight here are –
1. Brown and black head gull.
2. Bar Head Goose.
3. Rudy shell ducks.
4. Common Crane and Domicile Cranes.
5. Indian Darter.
6. Indian eagle owl.
7. Saras Cranes.
8. Brown shrikes
9. Shikra
10. osprey
11. and many more.

This majestic beauty of the bird blend with the natural environment of Jawai, gives the exemplary settings for a wildlife and nature lovers.

Safari Private Jeep Timing
Bird Watching and Crocodile Safari 3500.00 per Safari 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Important Note: This Bird watching and Jawai Dam visit safari is Complimentary in Case, you take 4 Safari or Two Night Stay.